The System on Chip SoC Lab​ The System on Chip SoC Lab​

One of our main enablers

Founded in the framework of the HiPer Consortium (Magnet Program) in 2015, the SoC Lab maintains close ties with main Israeli and International industrial members.
The SoC Lab has developed the infrastructure, tools and knowhow for the rapid integration of SoC/ASIC design in advanced process technologies. The lab aims to become a center of expertise for the Israeli chip design industry, where academics and industrialists can combine their knowledge and experience, thus ensuring that Israeli companies can maintain their technological edge over their competitors.

The SoC Lab employees bring with them many years of industrial experience and leadership and are a unique entity unlike any other in the academic world.

This team has the ability to develop very complex chips with millions of components from the design stage to the production consignment and to the tests after the return of the chip. Through this team, the Research Center can implement very complex projects, which are a demonstration of the ability of the research groups and the Israeli industry alike.

SoC Lab is an Essential Infrastructure

yehuda_rudin EnICS Lab

Yehuda Rudin

Udi_Kra SoC Lab

Udi Kra

Yoav Weitzman EnICS Lab

Yoav Weitzman

Yonatan Shoshan EnICS Lab

Yonatan Shoshan

Noa Edri SoC Lab

Noa Edri

Slava Yuzhaninov EnICS Labs

Slava Yuzhaninov

Shawn Ruby EnICS Lab

Shawn Ruby

EnICS Labs Menachem Goldzweig​

Menachem Goldzweig

Interview with Prof. Adam Teman and Yonatan Shoshan
at CDNLive about first N16 SoC Tapeout

EnICS labs
EnICS labs